A smarter welcome.

A leading cloud-based visitor management system that delivers an intuitive sign-in experience with unparalleled security, combining iPad-based Self-Check-In and ID Scanner-enabled Assisted-Check-In.


Respect the uniqueness of every visitor and organization: provide flexibility and reliability to hosts, and friendly convenience to guests.


Verify identities, screen against watchlists, monitor visitor history, push instant alerts for guests and security personnel — all in real-time from anywhere.


Know your visitors: collect data from customers, prospects or partners and improve analytics and insights by integrating with any business software, including Salesforce.

Secure, integrated
Visitor Management for the enterprise

The Leader in G2 Grid for Visitor Management

G2Crowd Category Leader Summer 2019 Best Support and Best Relationship
G2Crowd Category Leader Summer 2019 Best Support and Best Relationship
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Client UPS
Client ThermoFisher
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Go beyond the lobby

Traction Guest connects your organization
Organizations with multiple locations need to manage many points of contact between visitors and facilities. Traction Guest is the only enterprise VMS platform that combines Self-Check-In with Assisted-Check-In and Parking Management to deliver unprecedented flexibility and control over the visitor management process.

Never sacrifice security for experience

With Traction Guest, experience is never at odds with air-tight security. In fact, Experience and Security reinforce each other. Our sign-in experiences collect guest data that boost security while guiding visitors through your facility, making them feel safer and more welcome.

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Why Traction Guest?

Ideal Visitor Management for:

Standardizing the check-in process across the globe.
Meeting stringent security, compliance and data residency standards.
Providing hosts and guests with an intuitive sign-in experience.
Managing large campuses with multiple entry points.

Features that set us apart

Traction Guest is designed to provide your visitors an efficient and secure sign-in process at workplaces and events. With a great level of customizability, you can adapt the experience to diverse use cases.

Experience Editor

Custom guest sign-in experiences based on who they are and why they're visiting.

Alerts & Notifications

Notify hosts and security of visitor arrivals with personalized messages.


Screen visitors against third-party or custom watchlists.

Data Accuracy

Capture visitor information to enrich customer profiles and keep your CRM data up-to-date


Check-in, track and send emergency notifications to visitors at multiple locations anywhere in the world

Security Compliance

Collect the visitor data you need to meet various security audit requirements

Integrate with systems that drive your business

The advantages of Traction Guest don’t end in the lobby — we integrate with industry-defining business software to make the most of every visitor.

Our extensive suite of integrations with strategic systems, along with your own Guest Connect integrations, allows you to leverage and consolidate visitor data to create a more harmonious visitor and host experience that strengthens security.

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