About Us

We're more than a visitor management system. We are a diverse group of professionals with a tenacious focus on creating unique guest experiences.

Our Story

Every day, people around the world are welcomed in offices and at events. We’re on a mission to make hosting visitors effortless, memorable, and safe. At Traction Guest, we’re building a platform that enables organizations to connect with their guests.

Our Roots

Traction Guest was incubated by Traction on Demand, a leading cloud consulting and application development firm. Since 2015, we have evolved from a conscious product idea to an independent global software company, leveraging our inherent expertise in cloud technology, CRM, and data.

Our Growth

We are one of the fastest growing companies in Canada and are proud to work with large enterprises worldwide. Expanding at such pace, we’ve made it a priority to nurture our core values of putting people first, giving back to the community and providing quality in everything we do.

Our Future

Our goal is to exceed expectations. We are committed to enabling organizations with technology. In fact, we see ourselves as architects, designing the future of guest management. We want to inspire a connected enterprise that leverages visitor data for a bigger purpose.


Five continents, over 1500 locations, 26 industries, 12 languages. Traction Guest is helping large enterprises around the world to change the visitor and host experience.

Community & Culture

We are driven by doing good for our customers, employees, and community. We pursue ideas that we feel passionate about. We cultivate an atmosphere of sharing, learning, and growth.
Momentum leader Summer 2019
G2 Crowd Award - Best Support 2019
G2 Crowd Award - Best Relationship 2019
Awards Finalist 2018-19
Ready to Rocket Award 2018

We’re proud to be recognized for our growth and innovation. Recognition through awards, while an honor, comes with the responsibility and commitment to continually meet and exceed these expectations.


We work hard and we play to win. We’re growing our team of curious, aspiring people who want to find a purpose in their work and support each other in the process. Come work with us and drive change.
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