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Biotech, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies need to abide by complex laws, regulations and guidelines when operating various facilities. A Visitor Management System helps provide protection through compliance, while keeping facilities, employees and data safe and secure.

Improving security and compliance in highly regulated ​industries with Visitor Management

Dynamic Badges

Display relevant visitor information on your badges such as picture, name, host, time of entry, QR code or a visit reason. Pull information right from a guest’s sign-in form directly onto your badge template.

Traction Guest Dynamic Badges

ID Scanning

Verify a visitor’s identity by enabling your security team to scann passports or government-issued ID’s with high volume scanners for assisted-check-in. Or enable ID scanning for visitors as they sign in during self-check-in.

ID scanning high volume on Traction Guest platform


Check visitors against internal or third-party watchlists, setting up alerts, host notifications and workflows based on the visitor’s status.

Traction Guest Watchilists

Audit Reports

Quickly export visitor data to create reports for auditing and compliance.

Document sign on Traction Guest platform

Emergency Roll Call

Instantly identify on-site visitors and quickly take action or send notifications by email or SMS in case of emergencies.

Traction Guest Pre-registration

Safety Waivers

Capture a visitor’s e-signature for safety waivers, non-disclosure or any other forms. Set up document expiration dates as well as flag signed documents.

Safety waivers with Traction Guest platform

With the Traction Guest VMS, biotech, healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations can:

  • Expedite secure sign-in process & customize requirements by visitor type and reason
  • Streamline visits for hosts and ID verification for a high volume of guests
  • Customize workflows to meet any compliance standard and protocol
  • Ensure every visitor is authorized to enter by screening against a watchlist

  • Deploy emergency evacuation plans and health & safety protocols
  • Print badges with visible access authorization and expiry
  • Access and keep complete, detailed visitor records across all locations
  • Ensure stored visit data complies with data privacy regulations

Secure and integrated
Visitor Management for enterprise-level companies

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