House of Guest – Adriana Favella Shares her Greatest Learnings as a Business Development Manager

To see the tremendous rise in people (and dogs) roaming around our headquarters in the past few years has been exciting. Our talented people have been colossal in helping our customers succeed.

In our new series, “House of Guest”, we corner a few of our team members to find out more about the passion behind their role, team and projects here at Traction Guest. This week, we feature Adriana Favella, our Business Development Manager. Believe it or not, this mother of “two awesome kids” was one of Traction Guest’s first hires.

What role do you think Business Development plays in helping customers find the right Visitor Management solution?

The Business Development role for a company is extremely important because it is one of the first points of contact with a potential customer. For us, we want to create excitement, interest and establish trust. We seek to understand their business and needs, ensure they are fit or not. It’s really the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

If you could pick four skills that every successful Business Developer Manager would have, what would they be?

Passionate – Believe in what you’re selling and how it can truly make a difference for the prospect.
Persistent – Without being annoying keep trying until you get a yes or no, especially if the prospect is extremely busy.
Creative/Resourceful – If you’re not having luck in the conventional way (phone/email) come up with new ways to get their attention.
Embrace Rejection – Don’t take it personally, they could be having a bad day; learn from it; move on, there’s plenty of other prospects out there. Come back to the ones that say no in a few months in case it was just bad timing.

What is the best sales book you have read?

I found “Fanatical Prospecting” by Jed Blount helpful. But I don’t follow any book word for word, I take the best from each and create my own style.

Favorite quote?

“Success belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt

LinkedIn or tradeshows?

Both are very important but tradeshows allow you to get in front of high level executives you normally would have a hard time getting a hold of and have more a conversation than a sales pitch.

What is the most interesting thing about working in the Visitor Management industry?

Being pioneers in an untapped market where we can truly make a difference and improve the security, efficiency and standardization of check-ins across the globe.

Best way to make a strong first impression?

Be genuine, care about about your prospect and their business, listen. Also, treat them like a normal person, like a friend.

Customers appreciate a good pitch. What makes an outstanding pitch?

Ones that don’t sound scripted. Most people are visual, so it’s very important to paint the picture to give a better understanding of whatever you are selling. For Traction Guest customers, I try to go light on features, keep it general and I don’t make assumptions about their needs, problems or duties. And, always be respectful of their time and responses. Don’t be pushy and above all, listen!

What is the most creative thing you have ever done to show a potential customer value in our product?

I like using Google Maps and putting myself in the shoes of the customer. With one customer I zoomed in, saw they had multiple entrances so I called them up as they were a design company. Turned out, those entrances were unmanned and they had unpatented designs. With some initial research and some qualifying their needs they immediately saw the value in our platform.

What is the team dynamic of the Business Development group at Traction Guest?

I love my team, we work and play hard together. Everyone truly believes in what we are building and help each other out. My favorite part is the way we all share knowledge, what has worked and hasn’t. This makes us better, stronger and faster to help our customers achieve all of their Visitor Management goals.

What kind of a customer is most ideal for the Traction Guest VMS?

We love to help all types of customers from all over the globe. But, I would say the ideal fit would be a large company with complex requirements and multiple offices around the world. This is where we see our sweet spot with our ability to customize and address security requirements.

Obviously Salesforce is a big part of your job. Could you teach a college course on it?

I don’t know about a whole course, but definitely the handling of leads, opportunities and reporting of these.

The work culture here is different. Fun…but a bit wacky. What is the best way to fit in here?

There are all sorts of personalities and somehow we all mesh so well, best thing is to be yourself. The culture interview works! (editor’s note: every job prospect at Traction Guest must do a culture interview)

You have an all-star business development professional considering joining Traction Guest. Being in sales, what would your 30-second pitch be on why they need to join us?

Traction Guest is a fast growing leader and pioneer in the VMS industry. The team is formed of a group of different personalities and backgrounds, but yet share a common goal that we’re creating something amazing and truly helping companies. It’s the first time in my 15 year professional career I can say I am 100% happy, mostly due to my awesome colleagues and leaders.

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