Why Your Facility Needs a Visitor Management System Today

Dissatisfied employees, industrial espionage, unqualified contractors. People visiting a company’s headquarters, campuses or research locations can introduce a threat to personnel and property security. When facilities can’t differentiate between visitors that pose a security threat versus those that deliver productive outcomes, companies are vulnerable and liable. Balance visitor experience with security requirements Visitors checking in … Continue reading “Why Your Facility Needs a Visitor Management System Today”

4 Tips to Manage Your Wifi Access Securely

A Visitor Management System can help you managed your password. Managing your many passwords is one of the irritating necessities of modern technology. While we all eagerly await the mass adoption of biometric technology, people and companies alike struggle with passwords. The threats of data breach are real and the missteps are costly. According to a … Continue reading “4 Tips to Manage Your Wifi Access Securely”

5 Things You May Never Have Considered Around Visitor Management.

Implementing anything is a real hassle. Nobody has time or money. Let’s cut to the chase and highlight 5 reasons why visitor management projects fail and make their project sponsors’ lives hell.  Language requirements You roll out a Visitor Management Platform to one of your offices, and then you get the call.  Your company has … Continue reading “5 Things You May Never Have Considered Around Visitor Management.”

Introducing Traction Guest’s New Experience Editor

The Visitor Management Game has just changed. Traction Guest’s New Experience Editor will change the way you’ll look at Visitor Management Applications. What is the most pervasive and strongest underlying principle in the development of Traction Guest?  It’s the idea of You’re Here, Now What? You’re Here:  Selecting A Visitor Management Application. In 2015, Traction on Demand made … Continue reading “Introducing Traction Guest’s New Experience Editor”

App vs Platform – Why does it matter for visitors?

We created Traction Guest with the belief that all locations and visitors are unique. This means that the visitors need to have an experience that matches the reason for their visit. It also means the people in charge of visitors should be able to change the look and feel themselves without having to involve IT and technical developers to improve upon what the users are experiencing.

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