Visitor Management Platform

With our cloud-based visitor management platform, you can design custom sign-in experiences based on unique business and visitor requirements. Installed and configured in minutes, one platform spans unlimited locations, providing greater efficiency and security to your offices and events.

Build Personalized Experiences

Our Experience Editor enables you to tailor each visitor experience based on who they are and why they are visiting. With the adaptive design, you can fully customize the sign-in flow and collect any information that matters.


visitor experiences

Drag & Drop


Relevant Content


Provide Consistency in Brand and Service

Users can configure, manage and tailor visitor experiences for any location or event on one central platform. With central administration, you can ensure global consistency for your brand and service. Define user roles and enable access to the cloud-based solution anytime, anywhere.

Central Administration

accessible anytime, anywhere

Make it yours

customizable branding

Deployed Globally

Protect Your People, Process & Technology

Increase security with a visitor management system to keep your data and people safe. Hosted on the world’s most trusted cloud platform, Heroku, our platform offers features for visual identification, e-signatures, watchlists, emergency evacuation, and more.

Digital Signature

for NDAs and waivers


screen your visitors at sign-in

Regional Data Centers

Integrate with Global Systems

Visitor management goes beyond the check-in. Integrate with other business systems to automate processes, consolidate data, and simplify actions. Choose one of the out-of-the-box integrations or build your own with guestConnect.

Designed with Flexibility and Creativity

The platform was developed to provide you the flexibility to design and implement custom experiences based on your business and visitor requirements. Adapt the Traction Guest platform to suit your organization’s needs and develop use cases without coding experience thanks to our user-friendly interface.

Configured & Reconfigured

in minutes

Flexibility & Creativity

to adapt any guest experience

Develop Use Cases

See For Yourself

Brands interact with different types of visitors all the time, be it in offices, at events, in the field, or at other sites. Discover some common customer use cases that transform visitor management worldwide.


Are you capturing visitor data effectively? How do you notify hosts? Are you prepared for evacuation?

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Office Solution

Using Traction Guest at reception across sites allows businesses to enhance efficiency, security and their brand image. Relevant features include badge printing, host notifications and a central digital guest book.

Guest Check in


Events are intense. How are you pre-registering and checking-in attendees effectively?

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Event Solution

With Traction Guest you can create a unique check-in experience for any event. Integrate with Eventbrite and Salesforce to make the most of your event.


Field Service

How do you keep track of contractors across multiple sites? Are you meeting compliance regulations and ensuring work safety on location?

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Field Service Solution

With Traction Guest you can instantly check contractors in across all locations. You can take pictures, play required safety videos, and review/sign legal documents such as waivers, even when the device is offline.


Rec Center

Hundreds of people visit a rec center each day. How do you ensure a seamless check-in experience?

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Rec Center Solution

With Traction Guest you can streamline the check-in process whilst capturing important data. Visitors can also be screened against watchlists, asked to sign waivers and rec centers can improve their evacuation process.


Research Center

Do you know who is entering your site? How do you protect your information?

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Research Center Solution

Traction Guest can ask visitors to sign and expire NDAs, take photos, print badges and screen against external watchlists. You can easily run reports for audits on who has entered and left your site.


Manufacturing Site

How do you provide an appropriate and secure sign-in process at your manufacturing sites? Is your company ITAR compliant?

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Manufacturing Site Solution

Traction Guest allows you to customize the sign-in for contractors and other visitors. You can take photos, print badges, watch safety videos, or sign an NDA or waiver. Meet audit requirements by capturing important data.


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